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GMB Audit, Competitor Analysis and Local SEO Tool.

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How it works


Download the extension.

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Go to Google Maps

Your Google Maps will be automatically updated with our categories, Basic Audit, Review Audit, Post Audit and Teleport button.


Click audit button

Click on one of the audit or teleport buttons to do an audit of a business profile.


These are our features

Categories - Find primary and secondary category of a business.
Category Finder Tool - Use our AI tool to find the best Categories and Services for your business.
Review audit - Analyze reviews of a business.
Basic Audit - Do SEO and other basic audits for a business.
Post Audit - Analyze GMB post strategy of a business.
Teleport - Find rank of a business at a particular location.

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Love Love Love this tool. I'm a Power User and it's worth every penny. been testing the new "Teleport" feature (shows in google maps) it's Awesome and I made a sale today! He was showing on spot 17 . I sold him on Local SEO Services and GMB Services.  Thank for all your hard work! - Happy Customer~

Matthew Johnson
Chrome Store Review

This is a very useful local SEO research tool. It is well worth the price that they charge for it and I use it virtually every single day in my work. Great work!

Tim Colling
Chrome Store Review

A well designed and functional tool for quickly determining and analyzing important GMB data. And, the support team is quick to respond and is very knowledgeable.

Joseph Conroy
Chrome Store Review

I absolutely love this tool.  So much valuable information at a glance.  Saving me so much time and enabling me to gain a competitive edge on my competitors.  Keep up the great work guys!

Daniel Calleja
Chrome Store Review

Frequently asked questions

Some commonly asked questions.

How does it work?

To get started, you can download the extension first.

Then you can go to Google Maps, Local Finder or Google Search 3-pack to find our audit button besides a business listing. Click on any of these buttons to do an audit.

Do you have a getting started tutorial?

You might like this tutorial:

How can I see my account details?

Click on the 'Admin Page' link on the top right of this page. In this admin page, if you are not logged in yet, you can see an option to login. Once you login you can see the 'Account Information' button on the middle.

Clicking on it will show you the account details.

How can I cancel my account subscription?

To cancel your account, follow these steps:
- Click the 'Admin Page' link at the top right corner of this page.
- If you're not logged in, find the login option and sign in.
- Locate the 'Account Information' button and click it.
- In the popup window, select 'Membership'.
- Under 'Manage Membership,' click 'Cancel'.

This will cancel your membership at the end of the current billing cycle

How to contact customer support?

Click on the chat button on the bottom right of this page, this will connect you with customer service. This is the fastest way to reach us.

You can also reach us at

Do we have a referral program?

We do have a very attractive referral program. You can signup for it here:

We do not have a white label program.

I have some ideas and feedback about the product. How can we get involved?

We keep continuously upgrading our product to add more value for our customers. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback or want to share some ideas. We really love feedback, in fact a good chunk of our existing features originated from customer feedback.

We are a small startup ourselves, so we love chatting with other small business owners and marketers too.

We also maintain an online community where you can chat with other GMB enthusiasts. You can join the community here:

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