How to spy on your competitor's GMB Post strategy

September 16, 2022

In this guide, we will show you how to check your competitors’ Google Business Profile (GBP or GMB) post strategy, so you can improve your GBP posts performance.

What is a GBP Post?

Right inside your Google Business Profile account, posts are a great way to connect with your existing and potential customers. With GMB Posts, you can create announcements, updates, news, promos, or event details to be seen by your customers. These posts are visible via Updates or Overview tab in Google Search Mobile, or From The Owner Section of Google Search Web.

The arrow above shows where the GMB Posts are usually shown.

In the animation above it shows the view on the Knowledge Panel.

Leverage With GMBEverywhere

Aside from GMB Details and Links Audit, GMB Everywhere Chrome extension also provides Post Audit that can give you valuable insights in improving your business profile posts.

Step 1: Install GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

You will need the GMB Everywhere extension installed on your Chrome browser, to maximize these benefits. Just head to and click the Install Chrome Extension button.

The screenshot above shows GMB Everywhere website. Click on 'Install Chrome Extension' to go to the next step.

Step 2: Search Your Competitor

After successful installation, go to and search for your competitor business name.

The screenshot above shows where to search for the competitor.

On the left side pane search results, click the Post Audit button. You will be redirected to the GMB Everywhere Post Audit page.

The screenshot above shows the 'Post Audit' button of GMB Everywhere.


Step 3: Check the Post Audit insights

On the top section of the GMB Everywhere Post Audit Page, you will see the Number Of Posts Per Date and the Cumulative Posts Till Date. You can further customize the displayed graph by clicking the legend on top of the graph to hide or display a specific line graph.

The graph above is from the GMB Post audit result.

Furthermore, on the lower section of the page, you’ll see additional analysis of the posts based on the latest 30 GMB posts of the business profile. This includes:

  • Total number of posts analyzed 
  • Average number of words per post
  • Total number of posts with videos
  • Post frequency
  • Total numbers of posts with links 
  • Average characters per post
  • Total number of posts with images.

The screenshot above is from the Post Audit. It provides the summary of the posts by the business.

Video description


Knowing how your competitors move will give you insight on how to improve your GMB post strategy. With these simple yet very valuable insights, you can spot opportunities to further to outperform and outshine the competition.

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