Find Your GMB Competitors at a Particular Location?

March 2, 2023

Are you looking for ways to stand out from your competition and attract more customers to your business? Then you need to start by understanding your competitors and keeping a close eye on what they are doing. This is particularly true for businesses that have a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to find your GMB competitors at a particular location. By following the steps below, you will be able to gather valuable insights into your competition and make informed decisions about your own marketing strategies.

The Value of Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a critical component of any successful business strategy. By examining the competition, a company can gain valuable insights into the market, identify opportunities for growth, and make informed decisions about how to differentiate its products or services. Here are some of the key reasons why competitive analysis is so valuable:

1. Understanding the Market: By analyzing the competition, a company can gain a better understanding of the market in which it operates. This includes identifying trends, market size, and customer needs. This knowledge can help a business identify potential areas for growth, as well as assess the viability of new products or services.

2. Identifying Competitors: Competitive analysis can help a company identify its competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses. By understanding the competitive landscape, a company can develop a more effective marketing strategy, improve its pricing strategy, and develop new products or services that can better meet the needs of customers.

3. Gaining a Competitive Edge: Through competitive analysis, a company can identify areas where it has a competitive advantage and capitalize on these strengths. By focusing on areas where the company is strongest, it can differentiate itself from the competition and create a unique value proposition that attracts customers.

4. Mitigating Risk: Competitive analysis can help a company identify potential threats and mitigate risk. By understanding the competition, a company can anticipate changes in the market, anticipate potential challenges, and develop contingency plans to minimize the impact of any negative factors.

Benefits of Knowing Local GMB Competitors

When it comes to running a business, it's essential to have a good understanding of the local competition. Knowing who your competitors are, what they offer, and how they operate can give you a significant advantage in the marketplace. One of the best tools to help you gain this knowledge is Google Maps.

Google Maps is a powerful mapping tool that can help you locate and research your local competitors. By searching for your business on Google Maps, you can quickly see the names and locations of nearby competitors. You can also use the "search nearby" function to find other businesses in your industry.

Once you've located your local competitors, you can use Google Maps to explore their websites, read reviews, and check out photos of their storefronts or offices. This information can help you get a better idea of what they offer, how they operate, and what sets them apart from other businesses in your industry.

Knowing your local competitors can provide many benefits. It can help you:

1. Identify your target audience: By researching your competitors, you can gain insight into who their customers are and what they are looking for. This information can help you better understand your target audience and tailor your marketing efforts to appeal to them.

2. Differentiate yourself: By understanding what your competitors offer and how they operate, you can identify ways to differentiate your business and stand out in the marketplace. You can identify areas where your competitors are weak and position your business to fill those gaps.

3. Improve your own business: By learning from your competitors, you can identify best practices, improve your operations, and offer better products and services to your customers. You can also identify areas where you need to improve to remain competitive in the marketplace.

4. Monitor the competition: By keeping an eye on your competitors, you can identify new products or services they offer, changes in their pricing, and other changes that could impact your business. This information can help you make informed decisions about how to compete in the marketplace.

How To Find your GMB competitors at a particular location

By installing the GMB Everywhere Chrome extension, you'll gain access to a powerful tool that can help you improve your business's local ranking on Google. With this extension, you'll be able to quickly and easily view your business's position in local search results and gain valuable insights into how you can optimize your profile to improve your ranking. This allows upto 5 audits a month for free, so you could find this data using the free version.

In addition to providing you with local ranking information, the GMB Everywhere extension also allows you to see all of your GMB information in one place. This means that you can easily monitor and manage your business's Google My Business listing, ensuring that your business information is accurate and up-to-date.

But that's not all. With the GMB Everywhere extension, you can also gain valuable insights into your competitors' strategies. By viewing their business information and analyzing their tactics, you can gain a competitive advantage and tailor your own strategy to improve your ranking in local search results.

To use this, you’ll need the GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension installed on your Chrome browser. Just head to and click the Install Chrome Extension button.

This gives a screenshot of GMB Everywhere.

You will be redirected to GMB Everywhere Chrome Page and click Add To Chrome button.

This screenshot shows where you can download the extension.

After successful installation, go to Firstly, locate the business on the left-hand side of the page. Next, access the search results pane and select the Teleport button.

The screenshot shows where you can find the Teleport button.

By clicking on this button, you can access the GMB Everywhere Teleport page in a new tab. Once you're on the page, simply enter the term that your customers are most likely to use when searching for similar businesses to yours on Google Maps.

The screenshot shows where you can input the search term.

After that, place the location pin on the area you wanted to have the search for.

Now you can drop a pin at any location by just clicking on the map at that location.

After setting it up, click the Teleport Me Here button

Next it shows where you can click 'Teleport Me Here'.

GMB Everywhere is capable of analyzing the local ranking of a business, taking into consideration both the search term and the business location. Once the page has loaded, the Teleport feature will display the results that indicate the business's ranking relative to the search term and location that was set.

On the middle part of the screen, you’ll see the label indicating your rank number within the area of search. In this example, the business we used ranked 1 within the area.

The screenshot shows where you can see the rank of the business.

On the ride hand side, you will see the list of all businesses that came up with the search term and location. In this part, you will also see how your competitors are doing in terms of local ranking within the specified area.

The screenshot shows the side where you can see your competitors.

As you can see above, it shows all the competitors at a particular location.


It's important to keep track of your competitors over time. This can help you stay on top of any changes they make to their GMB profiles or marketing strategies, as well as keep tabs on any new competitors that enter the market. By regularly analyzing your competition and making data-driven decisions about your own marketing strategies, you can 

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