Find Common Keywords in Google Review: Sentiment Analysis of Google Review

June 19, 2023

In this guide we go through how we can find the most common keywords that is used in the reviews of a business. The quantity and quality of Google Review is a very important factor in the ranking of a business, in this article we go through how you can find the common keywords in all the reviews of a GMB (Google My Business).

The first step in sentiment analysis is collecting GMB reviews from your customers. This can be done manually or through automated tools that scrape review data from your GMB profile. The more reviews you gather, the better the accuracy and representativeness of your analysis.

Doing this manually can be tedious and time-consuming, good thing there is the GMB Everywhere Chrome extension. 

To do this, you will need the GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension installed on your Chrome browser. Just head to and click Install Chrome Extension

The screenshot shows the homepage of You can install the tool from there.

A new tab will appear opening the Chrome Store page of GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension. Click Add To Chrome.

The screenshot shows the Chrome Extension page where you can install the extension.

After successful installation, go to and search for your business.

On the left pane search results, you will see several GMB Everywhere buttons. Click the Review Audit button.

The screenshot above shows the Review Audit button.

This will open the Review Audit page with various review details about the business. This includes the graphical representation of review trends and additional information, including the keyword analysis.

The screenshot above shows the Review Audit result page with review details.

The screenshot above shows the keyword frequency in reviews.

So, as seen above, with a simple step you will be able to see the keywords in the reviews. This will also help you to interpret the sentiments of the users in the review indirectly.

FAQs About Sentiment Analysis Using GMB Reviews

What are the benefits of sentiment analysis using GMB reviews for businesses?

Sentiment analysis using GMB reviews offers several benefits for businesses, including gaining insights into customer satisfaction, identifying areas for improvement, detecting emerging trends, and enhancing overall decision-making processes.

Can sentiment analysis using GMB reviews help in reputation management?

Absolutely! By analyzing customer sentiments, businesses can identify negative feedback and take proactive measures to address concerns promptly, thereby managing their online reputation effectively.

Can sentiment analysis uncover customer preferences and insights?

Absolutely! Sentiment analysis can provide businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences, opinions, and expectations. By analyzing the sentiment behind GMB reviews, businesses can identify common themes, understand what customers appreciate, and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Can sentiment analysis using GMB reviews be integrated with other analytics tools?

Yes, sentiment analysis can be integrated with other analytics tools to provide a holistic view of customer feedback. By combining sentiment analysis with customer demographic data, purchase history, and other metrics, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their customer base and make data-driven decisions.


In the age of customer-centricity, understanding customer sentiments is paramount for businesses. By harnessing the power of sentiment analysis using GMB reviews, organizations can unlock valuable insights, drive customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition. From data collection and preprocessing to text classification and visualization, each step in the sentiment analysis process contributes to a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments.

With sentiment analysis, businesses can identify strengths and weaknesses, optimize their products and services, and make informed decisions that align with customer expectations. By addressing customer concerns and capitalizing on positive feedback, organizations can enhance their reputation, build stronger customer relationships, and ultimately achieve business success.

So, if you're looking to unlock the potential of your GMB reviews, don't underestimate the power of sentiment analysis. Dive into the world of customer sentiments and gain a competitive edge by leveraging the insights provided by sentiment analysis using GMB reviews.

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